Citroen van in the uk

If you’re in the market for a new van in 2023, Citroen offers some excellent options to consider. You can find all types of Citroen Vans for sale at Swiss Van. 

Citroen has a wide range of vans known for their comfort, practicality and affordability. We’ll look at the best Citroen vans available and what makes them stand out.

Why Buy a Citroen Van?

There are many good reasons to choose a Citroen van for your business or personal needs. Firstly, Citroen vans consistently receive high praise for their car-like comfort and smooth rides. They are designed with the driver in mind, making them enjoyable to spend long hours driving.

Citroen vans are packed with practical features for easy loading, storage and access.

They offer good cargo volumes across the range, with high roof options to maximize space. Useful touches like multiple sliding side doors increase functionality.

Citroen vans also represent excellent value for money. They are competitively priced within the van market and cheaper to run thanks to their fuel-efficient engines. What’s more, Citroen offers a comprehensive 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Where to Buy a Citroen Van in the UK

Citroen has an extensive dealer network across the UK, making it easy to find your nearest Citroen Vans for sale. Most cities and towns have dedicated Citroen dealers where you can view new and used vans, take test drives and gain professional advice.

Alternatively, you can configure and order a new Citroen van directly through the Citroen UK website. This allows you to customize your ideal van with your preferred engine, body style, options and accessories. Your brand-new van can then be delivered straight to your door.

It’s also worth looking at approved used Citroen vans, which offer low mileage and full-service histories at discounted prices. These are available from Citroen dealers as well as reputable used van retailers.


The Best Citroen Vans

From small car-derived vans to large panel vans, Citroen has a diverse selection of award-winning commercial vehicles. Here are some of the best Citroen vans currently available:

Citroen Berlingo

The Berlingo is Citroen’s popular small van and a perfect compact work vehicle. Despite its small size, it delivers excellent practicality with a 3.3m3 load volume expandable to 3.8m3. It’s nimble, easy to park and drive even when fully loaded.

The Berlingo is available in a range of efficient diesel and petrol engines, including a 100hp electric version with a 174-mile range. Prices start from £18,715 excluding VAT for the latest model. Around 50,000 Berlingos are sold across Europe each year, proving its enduring appeal.

Citroen Dispatch

For medium-sized van duties, the Dispatch is an ideal solution. Its 4.6m3 – 6.6m3 cargo capacity and useful 4.25m load length mean it can transport sizable loads with ease. It offers a choice of turbodiesel engines from 100hp to 180hp.

The Dispatch provides a comfortable and quiet driving experience unmatched in its segment. Clever features like hands-free sliding side doors enhance convenience further. Prices begin at £24,162 excluding VAT, representing excellent value. Over 100,000 Dispatches have been sold since its 2016 launch.

Citroen Relay Dropside & Tipper

If you need versatile open load space, the Citroen Relay dropside or tipper conversions are capable options. With strong but lightweight alloy dropsides or an electric hoist steel tipper, they provide practical access for a variety of haulage needs.

The Relay dropside allows easy side access and can be specified as a chassis cab, crew cab or platform cab model. Meanwhile, the tipper with a generous 11m3 capacity simplifies unloading loose bulk materials. There are many body and load cover choices too.

Citroen Relay

The Relay is the largest van in the Citroen range, available in a range of sizes from L1 to L4. With up to 17m3 cargo volume and 2.5-tonne payload, it’s a highly customizable workhorse suitable for intensive daily use.

This capable van offers excellent drivability and advanced tech features like intelligent traction control, hill start assist and side wind assist. BlueHDi diesel engines deliver performance with fuel economy. Relay prices start from £29,810 excluding VAT.

Citroen Relay Low Loader

For moving difficult loads, the Citroen Relay Low Loader is an ideal solution. Featuring an ultra-low loading deck height of just 640mm, it makes lighter work of loading heavy plants, pallets and bulky equipment.

Built on the hardy Relay chassis, the Low Loader has excellent durability and a spacious 17m3 deck. The electro-hydraulic lift lowers items smoothly to the ground at the rear. If you frequently transport unusually sized loads, this is the perfect Citroen van choice.

Citroen Relay Luton Van

The Relay Luton van adds even bigger transport possibilities through its box-style body. With an extended protruding cab section, it can accommodate extremely lengthy items up to 8m in length.

Despite its size, the Luton model remains easy to manoeuvre with good visibility. The 13.4m3 cargo space swallows the most substantial of loads with ease. All the strengths and reconfigurability of the Relay chassis remain too.

Final Decision: Best Citroen Vans To Buy

With their excellent comfort and practicality, Citroen vans make perfect work vehicles for a vast range of industries. Models like the Berlingo, Dispatch and Relay offer superb functionality and value across the small, medium and large van sectors.

By choosing the ideal Citroen Vans for sale for your needs and preferences, you can benefit from their innovative designs, proven reliability and advanced technology. So if you’re looking to buy a van in 2023, be sure to consider Citroen’s extensive and award-winning range.