SAIC Maxus is a rapidly growing automotive brand in the UK commercial vehicle market. Backed by Chinese giant SAIC Motor, Maxus has its roots in the iconic LDV van brand and provides a range of capable yet affordable LCVs. 

This buyer’s guide will explore Saic Maxus UK, from its lineup to ownership experience and electric offerings.

History of SAIC Maxus in the UK

SAIC (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation) first entered the UK market in 2010 with its acquisition of LDV Group. This gave the Chinese firm an established commercial vehicle brand as a springboard into Europe.

After initially continuing van production under the LDV name, the Maxus brand was launched in 2011 to enable a broader range spanning vans, pickups and MPVs.

Today, SAIC Maxus operates its European HQ in the UK, continuing LDV’s legacy. There is an extensive dealer network across Britain, ensuring accessibility and service support for customers. The Maxus lineup in the UK has expanded to include electric models and now caters to all commercial transportation needs.

Current Maxus Lineup in the UK

Saic Maxus UK currently offers four van models in the UK – the EV80, V80, V90 and eDeliver 3 electric van. There is also the G10 people carrier and T60 pickup truck. The V80 and V90 provide medium-size options from 5.2-6.4m3, while the EV80 is a versatile small city van with 3.2m3 space.

The eDeliver 3 leads Maxus’ electric range, offering a class-leading 324km (201 miles) range and expansive 9.2m3 cargo capacity. Its zero-emissions driving reduces running costs significantly. The larger eDeliver 9 is also launching soon to extend the electric choice.

Why Consider a Maxus Vehicle?

There are many compelling reasons to consider Maxus for your next commercial vehicle.

The brand focuses on reliability and robust construction to cope with intensive daily use.

Yet Maxus vans remain affordably priced and cheap to run.

Maxus prioritises driver comfort with car-like interiors and low noise levels. Safety is enhanced by technologies like electronic stability control. The introduction of cutting-edge electric vans also positions Maxus at the forefront of sustainable transportation.

Understanding Your Needs

Assessing your requirements in detail is key to identifying the best Maxus van for your circumstances. Important considerations are the load capacity needed, whether you need to transport cargo or passengers, and driving range.

The compact EV80 city van suits local deliveries with its 3.2m3 capacity, while the V90 van provides extra cargo space of up to 6.4m3. For people transportation, the G10 people carrier offers up to 7 seats. Electric Maxus vans like the eDeliver 3 cater to environmentally conscious buyers focused on lower emissions.

Financing and Pricing

Maxus vans offer excellent value for money. The EV80 starts from just £14,320, while the V80 medium van ranges from £18,320. Finance deals are available on new Maxus vans to reduce upfront costs, with hire purchase agreements over 3-5 years and flexible mileage limits.

Benefits of Hire Purchase agreements include lower monthly payments, spreading costs, and the option to own the van at the end. Always compare finance deals from Maxus/SAIC and other providers.

Ownership Experience

One advantage of Maxus is the 5-year/100,000-mile warranty offered, highlighting the brand’s reliability. SAIC provides an extensive aftersales service network in the UK through authorised repairers. Parts supply is facilitated by SAIC’s global networks.

According to reviews, owning a Maxus van provides peace of mind thanks to dependable service support. Maxus also offers free roadside assistance during the warranty period. This assures if ever you break down while out on the road.

Comparing Maxus to Other Brands

As a cheaper commercial vehicle brand, Maxus vans inevitably compromise on refinement compared to market leaders like Mercedes and Volkswagen. However, their excellent value balances this, with ownership costs amongst the lowest in class.

Reliability is on par with reputed brands, proven by the 5-year warranty. Their generous equipment levels also match equivalently sized vans from other manufacturers. Maxus’ recent focus on electrification gives them an advantage in eco-friendly options too.

Eco-Friendly Options: Maxus Electric Vans

Maxus is leading the way with EV vans like the eDeliver 3, which provides over 200 miles of range. This enables full-day operation with just an overnight charging stop. Recharging from 10-80% takes just 35 minutes from a rapid charger.

Running costs for electric Maxus vans are significantly cheaper. EV maintenance is also less, with fewer mechanical components versus internal combustion engines. Though EVs have a higher upfront cost, lower ownership costs offset this over your ownership period.

Final Thoughts

For value-focused commercial vehicle buyers, the growing Maxus range deserves strong consideration. Combining robust construction with proven reliability at an affordable acquisition cost, Maxus vans make financial sense for businesses wanting to minimize TCO. With SAIC’s support and electrification focus, the future looks bright for the Maxus brand in the UK.