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Colorado Retirement Advisor Joins National Organization

DENVER – Jan. 15, 2021 – Al Martinez has been named a contributing author for the admired industry publication, ThinkAdvisor. In addition to his expanding authorship, he is a well-known asset protection educator. He has guided thousands of seniors as they navigate their financial retirement options.

ThinkAdvisor provides registered investment advisors and financial advisors with comprehensive coverage of the products, services, and trends necessary to guide their clients in making critical wealth, health, and life decisions. We celebrate those who are adapting and succeeding in new ways, and we translate the impact of regulations and technology into digestible, shareable information so you can spend more time advising clients and running your business.

For more than two decades, Al Martinez has been an advisor and general agent in the financial services industry, helping clients to make sound financial decisions in the areas of insurance and retirement planning.

Al’s focus is on providing safe money retirement strategies and solutions. Al will explore ways to protect retirement money, increase income, and protect against potential market losses and economic volatility, including health circumstances, taxes, and those unforeseen situations that can be devastating to principal assets in retirement.

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Al Martinez

Green Health Eugene opens in a limited capacity

EUGENE, Ore. – Jan. 7, 2021 – Since opening, Green Health Eugene has taken in operating with the highest amount of integrity. The employees implement intensive knowledge, in turn growing relationships with prospective clients. By cultivating a relationship with these clients, Green Health Eugene ensures that they are operating in a way that furthers their philosophy: improving quality of life. This philosophy is one that each employee at Green Health Eugene is passionate about. This is shown in every interaction that is had and is what turns prospective clients into regulars.

To ensure the safety for all clients, Green Health Eugene is open in a limited capacity. Clients are heavily encouraged to come to the retail shop alone, as only one can be helped at a time. With a maximum amount of three customers allowed in the shop at one time, Green Health Eugene is guaranteeing the opportunity to socially distance. All employees are required to complete enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures. Lastly, by placing the menu of what is offered on the website, clients are able to review the information and make a determination of what they would like before entering the retail shop. COVID may have changed the way operations have occurred across the world, but by operating with integrity, Green Health Eugene has ensured that clients are still able to improve their quality of life.

In the time of COVID, many retailers are finding themselves having to reevaluate their business model. With a hyper awareness of sanitation and a large degree of oversight, COVID has made life interesting. By operating with a high degree of integrity to begin with, Green Health Eugene has found it easy to make sure that all clients are appropriately cared for every time they enter their building. Green Health Eugene already operated within an atmosphere that was relaxed and cosy. In their own words, Green Health Eugene’s shop is described as being warm, welcoming and not intimidating. COVID may have changed the way businesses are run, but it has not changed the atmosphere that Green Health has always strived to implement.

General Motors Executive VP Gerald Johnson Awarded Prestigious Black Engineer of the Year

The 2021 BEYA STEM Conference, set to occur in a computerized climate Feb. 11-13, 2021, has reported the rundown of the inheritance occasion’s honor victors. Perceived with the top honor of Black Engineer of the Year is Gerald Johnson, Executive Vice President of Global Manufacturing for General Motors.

As executive vice president of Global Manufacturing, Gerald is responsible for the budget, quality, and safety performance for 103,000 employees representing more than 129 manufacturing facilities on five continents in 16 countries globally. When production at GM was temporarily suspended at the beginning of the pandemic, Johnson and his team worked across the company to quickly and effectively shift manufacturing and engineering resources to ventilators and mask production for frontline health workers. He is also credited for spearheading the company’s robust safety protocols and return-to-work strategies that made it possible to safely reopen GM plants and other operations.

“For 35 years the BEYA STEM Conference mission has been focused on opening doors of opportunity for future STEM professionals,” said BEYA Chairman Tyrone Taborn, who is also CEO of Career Communications Group, publisher of the US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine. “A big part of that is acknowledging dynamic leaders like Johnson who show up and deliver in their positions but also continuing to pave a path towards a better future in STEM-related careers for Blacks and minority talent.”

Johnson’s, a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion is an inaugural member of GM’s Inclusion Advisory Board (IAB), which was announced on June 1, 2020, and whose goal is to improve diversity and inclusion within GM through words, deeds, and culture. His bold video shared widely on LinkedIn offered essential guidance on having difficult conversations about racial equality in the workplace.

Throughout his career, Gerald has been devoted to continuous improvement – professional and personally. He is a member of the Board of Trustees at Kettering University, where he helps the engineers of tomorrow, and he is a volunteer mentor for TutorMate, which supports literacy learning for underserved school students.

“Manufacturing has been Gerald’s passion since he was an 18-year-old co-op student, and he has dedicated his career to continuously improving how we build vehicles and components with the highest level of quality and efficiency. His leadership and steadfast integrity have made General Motors a better company.” – Mary Barra, CEO & Chairman, General Motors Company

About BEYA & CCG

The BEYA STEM Conference is produced by Career Communications Group, Inc. (CCG), the leader in workforce diversity, working with all types of companies to help support them in promoting multiculturalism and gender equity in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). For 35 years, the BEYA STEM Conference has been a leading event for professional development, networking, and providing a resource for minorities to feel empowered. For more information about the 2021 BEYA STEM Conference, visit

Start an Online Business in 2021

Benjamin Fletcher

SOUTHAMPTON, U.K. – Dec. 19, 2020 – According to a report by Entrepreneur Magazine, online business and ecommerce spiked by 46% due to the online global pandemic that began earlier in 2020.

With more and more consumers stuck indoors, more people are online than ever before.

Online business blogger Ben Fletcher of, said:

“All current trends indicate that this is set to continue well into 2021”.

So how can people take advantage of this trend?

While there are a lot of vehicles and ways to make money online, one of the quickest and simplest ways is by starting an online blog.

According to

“77% of Internet users read blog articles. Internet users in the U.S. spend 3X more time on blogs than they do email. Blog posts are among the most shared content online. Blogs have been rated as the 5th most trusted source for accurate online information”

People are making purchases more than ever online as reported by Digital commerce 360, 38.7Million people place an online order in any given month.

And here’s another interesting statistic about current online spending habits:

“In November, the average order size fell to $94, down almost 1.1% compared with $95 in August. The number of orders rose 5.4% to 62.7 million, up from 59.5 million in August.”


So as you can see, as 2020 draws to a close, there has never been a better time for setting up an online business than in 2021.

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Retail Job Board For Jobseeker and Employer

RENTON, Wash. – Dec. 14, 2020 – Finding a Retail Job Has Never Been Easier

The job market is more competitive than ever. Finding the right job is no more a walk in the park. But not to worry, we are here to help.

At RetailJobFinder, we advertise jobs from top retailers and employers in the retail industry across Washington. Whether you are looking to advance your career in a challenging role or looking for a part-time opening to keep you busy, your search ends here.

We have thousands of full or part-time entry-level, intermediate, management, and merchandising openings for you! Visit the website here:

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There is a perfect job for every job seeker. We know this, and we will help you find yours. With thousands of openings posted daily on the RetailJobFinder website, your chances of finding your dream job just got better. All you have to do is follow our 3-step job search guide below:

1.       Browse through thousands of open retail jobs on our platform.

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3.      Upload your resume and wait for the employer to contact you. The best part? This service is available for free for as long as you wish to use it.

Your search for the Perfect Candidate ends here.

Why leave that crucial position open for too long when you can post your retail jobs and attract top candidates? At RetailJobFinder, we help employers and recruiters find the right fit for any open retail position. All you have to do is follow our 3-step job posting guide below:

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3.      Sit back and expect qualified retail candidates to apply. This Free Job Posting service costs $0 and is open to everyone.

Featured Jobs

Do you want job seekers to find your job postings before others? Use our Featured Jobs service to prioritize your job postings and get it in the faces of the most qualified candidates in no time. This feature is not free, but it is quite affordable. You can post a Featured Job for as low as $99 – one of the best rates in the current market.

Who are we?

RetailJobFinder is a top career and recruiting website serving the retail industry. We offer an improved recruiting process and excellent career opportunities for eligible job seekers in the retail sector. From sales associates to Merchandisers, Store Managers, Sales Assistant, Regional, District, and Corporate executives, there is always a right opening for everyone.

EMTECH Launches as the Fintech of Modern Central Banking Innovation


NEW YORK – Today EMTECH announced its pilot-ready innovation and regulatory compliance platform, the Modern Central Bank Sandbox™, targeting central banks looking to streamline regulatory reviews, collaborate with innovators on emerging technology, or safely test their Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). With the Modern Central Bank Sandbox™ EMTECH empowers central banks to overcome systemic challenges that currently exist within financial services (Exclusion, KYC, SME Lending, Cross-Border Payments, AML/Fraud), and to innovate safely, while providing effective oversight, and accelerating time to market for innovative financial products. EMTECH is actively working with the Central Bank of the Bahamas on the release of its Digital Sand Dollar currency.

Central banks today hold $9 Trillion in paper cash. In digitizing paper currency with CBDC, central banks create unprecedented liquidity that benefits small businesses and individuals while maintaining the central bank money as the anchor of a robust and competitive financial sector. By providing the infrastructure for digital cash, EMTECH provides central banks an action-ready toolset for new and inclusive monetary policy, and the guardrails for efficient transfer of an estimated $90 Trillion in cash payments.

“By enabling central banks to deploy the EMTECH Modern Central Bank Sandbox™, we help regulators leapfrog existing regulatory frameworks and systems, and adopt an innovation mindset as well as an innovation toolset,” said EMTECH CEO and co-founder Carmelle Cadet. “Our ability to help the leaders at central banks operationalize monetary and economic policy promotes multi-stakeholder collaboration and innovation, such as exposing CBDC Test APIs for industry testing. This is why EMTECH is the Fintech of Modern Central Banking,” Cadet said. Cadet is a former IBM Corporation Business Executive with experience in enterprise software, blockchain and global fintech innovation.

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) could change all financial relationships, according to the latest Deutsche Bank Wealth Management CIO report from Sept. 2020. Increased transaction speed, security and transparency, and more effective monetary policy are key benefits of CBDC, according to Deutsche Bank. EMTECH’s announcement today offers an actionable solution for secure and phased implementation of such initiatives worldwide. The firm is currently engaged with several central banks, and working with the leading cloud provider Microsoft, to deploy pilots in the coming months.

“Microsoft Azure is a key enabler of the digital transformation journey of customers all over the world. We look forward to helping EMTECH on its global mission to enable accelerated central bank digital innovation, harnessed on Microsoft’s highly secure, compliant and scalable Azure platform,” said Chris Lwanga, Principal Director, Microsoft Corporation.

The EMTECH leadership and founding team also includes D. R. Maurice, a finance industry regulator with an extensive portfolio of risk management duties, and who served at the Federal Reserve, The U.S Treasury Department, and as an advisor to central banks in emerging and transitional markets. EMTECH Chief Technology Officer Evgeni Mitkov is a veteran of Wallet Street, who brings extensive payments, FX and capital markets expertise, and has built, scaled, and sold two high frequency trading platforms.

Learn more at

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ABP Publishing, an International Audiobook Publishing House, Increased Sales 50% in the European Market

BERLIN – ABP Publishing shows itself to be a fast-growing multilingual platform with a large catalog of audio bestsellers, which is regularly updated even in a lockdown situation. The company has achieved significant success in the German, French and Italian audiobook markets and strengthen positions in the field of useful audio reading.

ABP Publishing has begun to explore a new market and release world book masterpieces for the Japanese audience. As for other countries, the company pays particular attention to the edition of books for listeners from Germany, Switzerland and Austria and sounds books in their original language. So, books about family, parenting and relationships by the German authors Katharina Saalfrank («Kindheit ohne Strafen») and Susanne Mierau («Mutter sein») are now available in audio format. Besides, ABP Publishing is preparing to release an audiobook-biography of the famous German actor «Jan Fedder — Unsterblich: Die autorisierte Biografie».

In addition to the sales report, the company remains true to its mission: publishing useful and wise books to unleash the potential of thousands of people all around the world. Listening to the needs of the audience, the company carefully selects books in the catalog and publishes really worthwhile audiobooks and authors — the world expert in the field of psychology of success Brian Tracy, the American businessman, investor, and writer Robert Kiyosaki, the Canadian journalist, author, and public speaker Malcolm Gladwell, the American author, coach, motivational speaker Tony Robbins and others.

ABP Publishing continues to achieve its goalpopularize the culture of audio reading and make a significant contribution to the release of audio masterpieces on the international market.


Viktoriya Sytina
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Naveego CEO Katie Horvath Named One of the 30 Best CEOs of 2020 by The Silicon Review

Traverse City, MI, December 02, 2020 – Naveego, an emerging leader of cloud-native, distributed data accuracy solutions, today announced that Katie Horvath has been recognized as one of the 30 Best CEOs of the Year by The Silicon Review.

Katie is a seasoned entrepreneur and brings a wealth of start-up and Fortune 500 experience to her leadership role at Naveego. Prior to taking the helm at Naveego, she managed patent litigation for Microsoft after practicing law in Silicon Valley, representing both early-stage to blue chip companies. Horvath launched four successful healthcare start-ups and has been recognized on Capital Hill for her innovative business models and combines her industrial engineering skills (IOE University of Michigan), law (JD University of Notre Dame) and software background expertise to take Naveego to its next stage of growth and leadership position.

The Naveego® Complete Data Accuracy Platform delivers end-to-end, self-service data integration with built-in Master Data Management (MDM) offered as Golden-Record-as-a-Service(TM) to ensure the highest levels of data quality, accuracy and governance. New data integration and replication capabilities seamlessly connects and transforms all data sources for analytics-ready data on demand for business users and data scientists – with no coding or IT resources required. The Naveego solution enables non-technical business users to acquire the data they need without having to manually scrub, cleanse and normalize across transactional and multiple data sources. Self-service, data integration with built-in master data management ensures that enterprises have a single version of the truth to leverage the power of their data for analytics and reporting immediately upon deployment. The result is an 80 percent reduction in cost and implementation that is five times faster than legacy solutions.

“Being recognized as one of the ‘Best 30 CEOs’ is a privilege and underscores our amazing talent and innovation to deliver our self-service data integration solution that guarantees real-time data accuracy across all data types,” said Katie Horvath, CEO, Naveego. “For the first time data scientists and business users have real-time accurate data they can trust for advanced business analytics to make rapid business decisions for competitive advantage.”

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About Naveego

Naveego is a leading provider of cloud-first, distributed data accuracy solutions for seamless, end-to-end data integration and self-service Golden-Record-as-a-Service(TM). The Naveego® Complete Data Accuracy Platform leverages the Apache open source framework to enable organizations to proactively manage, detect and eliminate data accuracy issues across all enterprise data sources in real-time – regardless of its structure or schema. It seamlessly connects to each source whether in the cloud or on-premise and scales effortlessly to ingest data streaming from data lakes, IoT devices and edge services to provide a single, holistic view of all information assets to create analytics-ready information and ensure global data health. The solution is easy to install and adopt, and empowers businesses to start taking control of their data in just hours. For more information, call +1-231-346-4144, visit or connect with Naveego on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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