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Create a Press release that tells a story – the story about you, stories about your work, and a story about your company.

Before you submit a release, make sure it is newsworthy, names, and titles are correct and accurate, and last but not least, the objectives are clearly defined.

You can use embedded video, one image/picture, and hyperlinks as well. It will help you to achieve your ultimate goal. PR submission offers you the tools and platform that helps you to create an exciting story. In the end, how you use these tools will make all the difference.

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Oxbridge Press Release is simple and intuitive to use. Just submit your press release, do consider our guidelines for writing and formatting news release, such as using clear, concise language, word limit should be between 300 and 800 words, feature image (max 100 KB). You can check the guidelines in detail in our submission guideline section. When you are done, we will review if the content as per our guidelines or not. Our team of professionals will make it easy and quick for you to submit your content online.

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