London, UK, September 30, 2021 -/OXBRIDGE PRESS RELEASE/-Known as the haven for backpackers around the world, Bali has gained immense popularity for offering picturesque views on a budget. Due to the exotic forests, epic volcanoes, enigmatic monasteries, and breath-taking views, Bali is brimming with numerous resorts and hotels, ideal for every traveller. It thus may seem overwhelming to find the one perfect accommodation that not only fits your budget but also offers the facilities that you are looking for. This Hotel has been providing tourists around the globe with the option to cut this hassle of finding the best lodging option through their dedicated list of places.

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With the all-in-one platform provided by This Hotel, you can get access to the finest hotels, hostels and B&Bs available in Bali as well as in 80 destinations worldwide. The team of This Hotel strives to offer information of the places that have a rating of at least 4 out of 5 and are aggregated from various trusted sources like The New York Times, Lonely Planet, Fodor’s, to name a few. The site can be accessed in four different languages; users can also get a better understanding of the deals by choosing their preferred currency among USD, EURO, GBP and 10 others, provided on the site.

Coming to the facility of booking on spot, you can either use the search bar displayed on the homepage or go through the alphabetically arranged list of destinations towards the bottom of the site. While clicking directly on the location from the list will provide you with all the hotels that are considered to be top-rated in Bali, the search bar will offer you a more refined result based on your budget. In order to leverage the search feature, you need to enter the name of the destination along with the maximum price per night you are intended to spend on a room.

The search feature will then redirect you to a page consisting of the top-rated accommodations along with the options to change the type of currency, sort by price, rating, recommendations and more. You can also check the availability, compare the prices as well as learn about common FAQs regarding the destination. Upon clicking the preferred accommodation, the page will take you to another window where you can go through several reviews by famous publishers and locate the exact site of the establishment. You may then choose to book straight away by clicking the ‘check availability’ option or continue to browse more.

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This Hotel, based in London, specializes in offering a list of best-rated hotels, hostels and B&Bs in over 80 destinations worldwide. These recommendations are based on guest reviews and accumulated from various sources such as travel websites, search engines, renowned publishers and more.