Say Goodbye to Traffic Delays with Quicksetts Speed Tables

Ah, the humble speed table! A long-standing solution for controlling vehicle speeds, but not without its own set of challenges. Historically, the construction of speed tables using traditional methods has been riddled with issues. 

However, there’s a fresh wind blowing in the world of speed table design, and it’s called Quicksetts™.

Understanding Traditional Speed Table Limitations

Imagine a regular busy day, and suddenly a main thoroughfare is blocked due to speed table installations. Traditional methods, often relying on block paving, require long installation and preparation times. 

This often means a prolonged disruption to traffic. Studies have shown that traditional installations can lead to traffic delays of upwards of several hours in densely populated areas. Additionally, the use of block paving, while durable, isn’t always the most vehicle-friendly. 

Reports have shown an uptick in vehicle damages in areas with traditional speed tables, not to mention the noise complaints from residents disturbed by the loud thud of vehicles.


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What Makes Quicksetts™ Different?

Enter Quicksetts™. With its natural stone effect finish, it’s not just another speed table. This innovative design beautifully marries aesthetics with practicality, especially in heritage areas where maintaining visual appeal is paramount.

Moreover, its unique no-recess design means it’s a breeze to install. But the beauty isn’t just skin deep; let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of why Quicksetts™ stands out.

Advantages of Quicksetts™ Over Traditional Speed Tables

Minimal Installation Time: Think about those infuriating traffic delays again.

According to a recent study, speed tables has slashed the average traffic delay time by a whopping 70%!

Its design caters to fast and efficient implementation, which is not only a win for daily commuters but also a boon for local businesses that often suffer due to prolonged roadwork.

Vehicle-friendly Design: Here’s a number to consider – a 40% decrease in vehicle damage reports in areas that adopted Quicksetts™. Thanks to its reduced height, it’s kinder on vehicles, vastly reducing those dreaded undercarriage scrapes. Furthermore, it addresses and alleviates the noise complaints associated with its traditional counterparts.

Pedestrian Safety: Safety is paramount, and Quicksetts™ champions this cause. The chamfered edges, a unique design feature, ensure smoother transitions for vehicles. For pedestrians, this design translates to an almost negligible trip hazard, making it a safer option for foot traffic.

Quicksetts™ Product Range

One size doesn’t fit all, and Quicksetts™ acknowledges this with its varied product range. Whether it’s individual sets for customization or specialized installation packs for broader applications, they’ve got it covered. 

With dimensions suited for narrow lanes to wider roads, there’s a Quicksetts™ for every urban planning requirement. Their adaptability ensures they cater to a plethora of infrastructural needs, emphasizing their commitment to comprehensive urban solutions.

Traffic Islands

Traffic islands play a crucial role in road safety. Often used to calm traffic, provide safe pedestrian crossings, or guide vehicular traffic, these islands have been instrumental in reducing accidents and streamlining city traffic. The introduction of Quicksetts™ has further revolutionized this space.

  1. Integrated Speed Tables and Traffic Islands: In areas where traffic islands are paired with speed tables, Quicksetts™ offers a seamless transition. This pairing ensures that vehicles slow down adequately as they approach pedestrian crossing points on traffic islands, enhancing safety manifold.
  2. Aesthetic Enhancement: Traffic islands, especially in urban centres or heritage sites, need not be drab. With Quicksetts natural stone effect finish, these islands can be both functional and visually pleasing, blending effortlessly with the surroundings.
  3. Durability in High-Traffic Zones: Traffic islands are often located in areas that witness a high volume of vehicles. Quicksetts™, known for its durability, is an excellent choice for such zones, ensuring the islands remain intact and effective for a longer duration.

Reduced Maintenance: Traditional traffic islands may require periodic maintenance due to wear and tear from vehicular traffic. However, with Quicksetts™ robust design, the need for frequent maintenance is substantially reduced, leading to long-term cost savings for municipalities.

The Bigger Picture: A Call for Smarter Urban Solutions

In an era where cities are burgeoning and the urban landscape is continually evolving, the need for smarter, more efficient, and harmonious solutions is paramount. Quicksetts™ is not an isolated product; it’s a testament to how thoughtful design can significantly uplift the quality of life.

Municipalities need to recognize and adapt to such innovations. It’s not just about laying a road or controlling traffic; it’s about crafting experiences, ensuring safety, and building for the future.

The Environmental Footprint

A frequently overlooked dimension is the environmental impact of our urban solutions. Quicksetts™ not only triumphs in the realms of design and efficiency but also takes a stride towards sustainability. Reduced installation times mean less machinery operation, leading to fewer carbon emissions. This move towards more environmentally friendly urban solutions is not just a nod to our current global challenges but a step towards a greener future.

Most Use Cases with Quicksetts™ Speed Tables

As the adoption of Quicksetts™ Speed Tables increases, it’s fascinating to observe the diverse range of applications it has been successfully integrated into. Here’s a snapshot of some of the most prominent use cases:

High Traffic Urban Areas: Quicksetts™ Speed Tables have been a saving grace in bustling urban environments where high vehicle and pedestrian traffic converge. The reduced installation time ensures minimal disruption, making it the top choice for such locations.

Heritage Sites: Preserving the aesthetic appeal of heritage areas while ensuring modern-day safety can be challenging. Quicksetts™, with its natural stone effect finish, complements these sites beautifully without compromising on function.

School Zones: Child safety is paramount. The design of Quicksetts™ ensures slower vehicle speeds and reduced trip hazards, making it an excellent fit for school zones and other areas with significant child foot traffic.

Business Districts: Local businesses often bear the brunt of prolonged roadwork. The speedy installation of Quicksetts™ means reduced downtime for these businesses, ensuring smooth customer access and minimising loss.

Residential Communities: For residential areas that require speed tables to ensure neighbourhood safety without the associated noise complaints, Quicksetts™ is the go-to solution. Its vehicle-friendly design ensures quieter vehicle transitions, much to the delight of residents.


In a world where urban planning and traffic management are constantly evolving, Quicksetts™ is a beacon of innovation. It challenges traditional norms, offering a solution that’s efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and, most importantly, user-friendly. For municipalities, urban planners, and infrastructure experts, it’s high time to think ahead. To embrace a solution that promises not just functionality, but also harmony.


What are the primary materials in Quicksetts™? 

Quicksetts™ boasts a unique natural stone effect finish, ensuring durability while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

How does the installation time compare? 

As mentioned earlier, Quicksetts™ can reduce installation-related traffic delays by up to 70% compared to traditional methods.

Are they suitable for all road types? 

Absolutely! With their range catering from narrow lanes to wider roads, Quicksetts™ offers a solution for varied urban infrastructural needs.