Handicare stairlift benefits and advice to you

When you decide to buy a stairlift, many questions can arise. For example, you might wonder if a stairlift is right for your stairs. Or, which stairlift is the most suitable and meets all your wishes and needs? 

A whole world with new possibilities is opening up to you. Maybe because you never thought about it, or you just didn’t know the possibilities existed.

Indeed, did you know that there is a sit-stand chair function for the stairlift chair? 

And that you can even determine the colour of the chair and the rail? Handicare has a solution for almost every configuration! In this article, we will show you what the solutions are.

Is your stairwell very narrow?

Installing a stairlift can be a challenge when your stairwell is very narrow. You probably think that a chair stairlift is not suitable or that there is no more space to walk.

But before you start looking for sleeping solutions on the ground floor or perhaps in another house, it’s good to know that there are also stairlift solutions for very narrow stairs. 

For example, the Handicare stairlift has developed the sit-stand chair: an elevated chair with a limited seat depth so that you can use the stairlift while standing. You are supported by armrests and a seat belt.

This solution is the ideal choice if you have a narrow staircase, if you have knee or hip joint problems and if you have difficulty sitting down. The chair is also available in six different colours.

Thanks to the automatic swivel function, the seat can be turned towards the landing so that you can get on and off easily and safely.

Handicare curved stairlift benefits and advice to you

What about being overweight?

Handicare 1000XXL is especially for overweight people. This heavy-duty stairlift can carry people weighing up to 200 kg. The chair has a wide and deep seat and is equipped as standard with an automatic swivel function.

This way you can reach the relevant floor easily and safely. The armrests are also slightly further apart and the belt is slightly longer. All this is to make the stairlift as comfortable as possible. This chair is also available in six colours.

Do you have a door at the bottom of the arrival of your stairs?

Is the stairlift likely to obstruct a passage? Also have a solution for this: a lifting rail. This leaves the passages and doors free.

Since the rail is partially folded, you can open all the doors normally, thus conserving all the space and creating safety around the stairs. You can also opt for an automatic retractable rail on a number of stairlifts.

During your journey, the rail moves with the chair on the stairs and thus clears the way up or down the stairs.

Does your house have several floors? You can reach up to 7 floors with a stairlift. Depending on the situation of your staircase, you can go from the ground floor to the attic in one go.

Do you have a spouse who does not (yet) use the stairlift?

Carefree! Thanks to the limited space that the stairlift takes up, the stairs always remain accessible to walk.

Do you want extra support getting on and off the stairlift?

Does the movement from sitting to standing or vice versa require more effort? Perhaps because it costs a lot of energy or is painful, an active seat offers a solution. Thanks to a moving seat, sitting and standing are supported. The standing chair is also available exclusively from Handicare. You can read more about the active seat here.

Having trouble bending your knees?

Even when you find it difficult to bend your knees, the sit-stand chair is a particularly interesting solution. Your knees are weighed down as little as possible and you can use the stairlift safely and comfortably. 

The swivel feature can also provide extra comfort, so you can easily get in and out of the chair.

A Handicare stairlift is a minimal adjustment to your home. You can easily go up and down the stairs and reach all home floors. If you are looking for the most suitable stairlift for your situation, Handicare always has a solution.

Have you ever tried a lift chair? Maybe you already have one at home in your living room? But did you know that Handicare offers a chair with a similar mechanism for its stairlifts? This active seat is unique on the market and only for sale at Handicare.

Why an Active seat?

With age, our joints become less flexible. You will notice this, especially when it becomes less obvious to get out of your chair. If the “lift” function exists for the chair in your living room, why not for your chair stairlift?

How does the Active seat work?

The active seat works almost like a “normal” lift chair. Place your hands on the armrests and sit down gently. The Active seat accompanies you in your movement. When you hear the “click”, the safety is engaged and you can now use your stairlift with complete peace of mind. To get up, the same. 

Lift the joystick to activate the “Active” option, put your hands on the armrests and let yourself be lifted, the seat always accompanies your movement. The seat stays up to make it easier to return to a seated position later.