Denver, CO, December 04, 2020 — This past week a team of women in Denver, CO were awarded a $250,000 grant to help develop the app that is changing the experience of motherhood and is providing support for maternal mental health.

The Mindful Mamas
The Mindful Mamas

The Mindful Mamas App, a meditation app made specifically for mothers, launched on March 19 – the same day that the governor of Colorado issued a lockdown for the state. The efforts of this passionate team of women have been recognized: Mindful Mamas was awarded an OEDIT Advanced Industries Grant by the State of Colorado and is set to raise a total of $1 million by the end of 2020.

Terra LaRock – child, family, and school psychologist, and the founder of Mindful Mamas – partnered with another Colorado-based, female-led company AppIt Ventures to develop an app made specifically for the unique mental health needs of mothers at every stage of motherhood. Terra drew upon her own experience with postpartum depression and OCD for the motivation to pursue this much-needed project. At a time when mothers need more support than ever, the app has already surpassed 50,000 downloads in over 50 countries with the average user using the app 2.4 times per day.

The Mindful Mamas App is outperforming industry standards for app downloads and usage. It is also changing lives for mothers across the world. As part of the grant application process, Mindful Mamas reached out to their audience for personal stories of how the app has provided support. Women wrote in who have endured miscarriage, financial hardship, postpartum mood disorders, abuse, divorce, child loss, added stress from the pandemic, and more. The Mindful Mamas App is helping all of them. These are a few quotes from the emails:

“There is no statute of limitations on emotional scars, and I am healing now with Mindful Mamas.”

“I recently experienced a miscarriage and I literally went running to this app. The exact content I needed was available at that very moment, literally as my body was miscarrying…it truly is life changing, life changing, life saving, life enhancing!”

“I found Mindful Mamas. And slowly, the light started creeping back in.”

“Mindful Mamas is not an app. It is a sanctuary.”

The women leading Mindful Mamas are navigating the tech industry to fill in a gap that is felt worldwide – the mental health of mothers. As the app grows, so too does the impact this small group of women can have on the world, one mother at a time.