Top 10 Most Popular Casino Games

Casinos offer a wide variety of games to choose from, but some remain more popular than others. The casino classics that consistently attract the largest crowds are the ones that offer a combination of simple rules, thrilling action, and the chance to win big. 

Here are the 10 most popular casino games today.

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Top 10 Popular Casino Games


Arguably the most popular casino game, slots reign supreme due to their user-friendly gameplay, bright lights, and frequent payouts. Slot machines have transformed significantly over the decades from mechanical reel spinners to today’s video slots with bonus rounds, progressive jackpots, and themed games.
Over 90% of casino revenue comes from slot machines. There are an estimated 903,000 slot machines nationwide, generating $38 billion annually in revenue. Slot-style games on mobile devices and social platforms attract even more players.


Without a doubt, blackjack is the most popular table game in casinos. The simplistic ruleset, fast action, and skill element that allows you to beat the house edge with proper gameplay make blackjack a long-standing favourite.
Statistically, over 20 million Americans play blackjack, while casinos take in $6 billion yearly from the game. Blackjack provides one of the best odds among casino games if players follow basic strategy and use other strategic play.


The thrill of watching that spinning wheel and little white ball drop into a numbered slot keeps drawing in players to roulette. The game offers attractive odds along with the ability to bet on a large range of outcomes.
An estimated $2 billion in revenue comes from roulette annually, driven by its iconic nature and simple gameplay that requires no skill. European roulette with one zero offers the best odds at a 2.7% house edge.


Once the exclusive domain of high rollers, baccarat has grown more accessible and now attracts a wider audience. The game centres on luck rather than skill and provides an elegant and sophisticated gambling experience.
Baccarat generates over $2 billion in revenue yearly and is now commonly offered in minimum bet ranges to entice mass market players. Advantageous baccarat rules give the game a low house edge of only 1%.

Video Poker

The hybrid of poker and a slot machine, video poker offers a similar chance to win big while also incorporating skill. Players can use strategy to make the best combination from their draw of cards.
Statistics show how an estimated 90% of video poker revenue comes from low-stakes machines with 1 to 25-cent bets, revealing its broad popularity. Despite offering multiple variants, standard Jacks or Better video poker provides the lowest house edge of just 0.46%.


The fast-paced action and social atmosphere of a live craps table drive the popularity of this dice game. Many gambling enthusiasts love the variety of bets, contagious energy in cheering on a hot roll, and the thrill of a big win.
However, craps remains a niche favourite with only an estimated 2 million regular players. The casino advantage ranges dramatically from 1.4% to 16.7% depending on the specific bet.


With easy-to-understand gameplay and infrequent but sizable payouts, keno continues to maintain a large following. Players choose numbers and then watch as randomly drawn balls determine their winnings.
Keno generates over a billion dollars yearly in revenue from its simple mechanics and reliance on luck over skill. The house edge for typical keno bets averages around 25%.


For decades, bingo has captivated players with its social atmosphere and a chance to win significant jackpots. Despite living in the shadow of slots and table games, bingo remains a popular attraction at casinos and specialized halls.
Statistics show over 12 million Americans play bingo each year. The standard bingo payout ratio of 75% gives the house a substantial edge, especially on larger prizes.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow’s unique mix of poker hand rankings and tiles continues to draw many aficionados. Players are dealt seven tiles to arrange into a two-hand poker combination, aiming to beat the banker’s hand.
Though not a marquee game, pai gow maintains considerable followings in certain regions. The rules provide for a modest house edge between 1% and 2%.


While wildly popular as a participation game, poker generates significantly less revenue for casinos compared to other favourites like slots. The skill element involved ensures most profits go to the more talented players.
Poker still attracts millions of amateur and experienced competitors alike. Various poker variants offer a wide spectrum of house edges from near 0% in games like Omaha up to 5% for games like Three Card Poker.

Where to Play the Most Popular Games

Whether in traditional brick-and-mortar casinos or online through web and mobile apps, players can easily access all of the top casino games mentioned. Land-based casinos remain the classic option for those seeking the live dealer and social experience, while online and mobile gambling provides round-the-clock convenience and massive game selections. All the most popular casino games are readily available across different modern platforms.