Preparing the fireplace for the heating season is as important as the inspection and maintenance of other heating devices. Before you decide to start the heating season by lighting a firewood Wirral, you should prepare your dried logs.

According to the law in force in the UK, the maintenance of the smoke chimney should be performed at least twice a year, which is extremely important from the point of view of safety.

Check what else you need to pay attention to!

From when to when does the heating season last?

Until recently, it was assumed that the heating season starts on October 15th and lasts until April 25th. However, the rules have changed, and the regulation describes the heating season as “the period in which weather conditions require continuous heat supply to heat the facilities”.

Naturally, people who heat their homes on their own are not bound by any regulations, so they can turn their heating and fireplaces on whenever they want.

Usually, heating begins in October, when there are still warm days, but evenings are already excellent, which helps to cool the rooms. In practice, it can be concluded that the heating season lasts about 6 months – from October to April.

Where to buy kiln dried logs?

When it comes the time to buy firewood wirral and kiln dried logs, you know winter is coming. So, the best is to start preparetion and research on when to buy dried logs during the summer, but if you are not the kind of person to plan such a things, you will need to visit some places where they have logs for sale.

How to prepare a fireplace for winter?

Each start of the heating season is associated with the need to check the heating system and perform the necessary maintenance.

It is no different in the case of fireplaces. Before you decide to light the fire, pay attention to the sealing of the hearth body, as well as the condition of the seals around the door and glass. If they appear worn, replace them.


Tight installation is crucial for maintaining the proper combustion process in the fireplace, as it eliminates the uncontrolled inflow of air from the outside. Replacing the seals is also important for safety reasons as it prevents smoke and unpleasant odours from escaping from the firebox.

The most common replacement is the gasket around the door and the glass.

Fortunately, this task is not complicated and you can do this type of maintenance yourself. However, you cannot do everything yourself, so you should use the chimney sweep services before the season starts.

An experienced chimney sweep will clean the chimney of soot, ash and wood residues, which will keep its patency. You can do further cleaning of the firebox yourself.

Before the season starts, wood residues and other contaminants should be selected from the hearth of the fireplace. Special vacuum cleaner attachments are very helpful in removing ash.

The next step should be to clean the furnace glass with the use of professional preparations designed for this task. Once the inside of the fireplace is clean, check it for cracks and damage that prevent a fire from starting.

How to safely heat in a fireplace?

We are the only child to take care of the fireplace, not only before the heating season, but also during it. Particularly noteworthy is the regular inspection of the combustion chamber and flue gas ducts.

Their condition is of key importance for maintaining the proper thermal efficiency of the fireplace.

This fact is due to the fact that the soot formed during combustion is deposited on the internal walls of the fireplace. This layer creates a kind of insulation that significantly impedes the heat transfer to the inside.