How to choose the right prowaist trainer

Deciding which prowaist trainer is best for you can be tricky with so many options on the market. Prowaist trainers, also known as body shapers or shapewear, are undergarments designed to slim your figure and enhance your body shape.

As we go through the key considerations when selecting a prowaist trainer, I’ll refer to some statistics and data along the way to help inform your decision.

Consider your needs

Before choosing a trainer, think about what you want it to achieve. Do you want to appear slimmer in an outfit, improve your posture, or support core muscles during exercise? Outlining your needs will help determine what style and features to look for.

In a survey by consumer organisation Which?, 76% of women who had worn shapewear said they did so to appear slimmer, while 41% said they wore it to improve comfort.

Evaluate your body shape

Prowaist trainers are designed to target different body areas. To select the right option, you must first understand your body shape. An hourglass figure suits all-over compression, while those wishing to define their waist could opt for a cincher style.

Body shapewear sales rose by 20% last year as more of us focused on silhouette slimming solutions. Analyse your figure to select the most flattering and supportive shape.

Consider the fabric

The fabric affects the firmness, comfort and breathability. Most body shapers feature a blend of nylon and spandex/elastane, providing stretch and structure. Latex prowaist trainers offer more compression but can provoke skin irritation for some.

Cotton blends are softer but provide less hold. Those needing firm control could choose a 25% elastane rather than 15%. Assess fabric quality – smoother fabrics that feel gentle against skin are less likely to roll or dig.

Check reviews

The best indication of how effective a prowaist trainer will be is from genuine customer reviews. Look for shapewear with overall high ratings and positive feedback for its targeted firming and sculpting ability.

Reviews with before and after photos can provide useful visual proof revealing how different body shapers perform.

Checking reviews will help you determine if the trainer delivers its slimming and posture support promises.

Ensure correct sizing

A common complaint regarding body shapers is that they can feel uncomfortable and restrictive. This is often due to ordering the wrong size. Every brand will size their shapewear differently, so always check the specific sizing guide rather than relying on your usual clothing size.

Measure your waist and hips to determine the right shapewear size for your body.

95% of women wear the wrong bra size, so avoid ill-fitting shapewear by carefully checking those all-important sizing guides.

Consider suitability for outfits

Check what outfits you intend wearing with your chosen body shaper, as some prowaist trainers have more visible lines than others. Undergarments featuring boning or firm panels will likely show through tight clothing. Some brands offer low profile ranges with seamless edges and finer compression bands to remain invisible. Consider the cut of your outfits to determine whether an ultra-squeezing shaper or discreet slimming style will work best.

Think about comfort needs

Wearing incorrect shapewear can result in chafing, pinching and difficulty breathing. To stay comfortable, choose a prowaist trainer with stretchy yet supportive fabric. Softer braided trims reduce rubbing while seam positioning across the front smoothes rather than the side which can dig-in uncomfortably when sitting. Those intending on wearing their shapewear all day should assess construction comfort. Evaluate whether it will it remain secure without needing constant re-adjustment.

Consider what activities you’ll be doing

If wanting to wear your shapewear for specific activities, ensure it’s designed for purpose. Those wanting support during exercise could choose compression fitness shapewear allowing free movement. Brands like Spanx offer shaping camisoles perfect for wearing under work attire or occasion-wear. Analyse what environments and activities you’ll be wearing your prowaist trainer for, then select the appropriate style.

Decide on your budget

Body shaping undergarments are available across a broad price spectrum, ranging from budget high-street to luxury designer. While it’s tempting to opt for a cheap temporary fix, pricing often reflects quality regarding fabric, construction and performance. Remember you generally get what you pay for – a $50 pair of shaping underwear should outperform a budget $15 version. Set a realistic budget suitable for your needs. Quality shapewear is an investment offering durable slimming and posture support.

Final Thoughts

Carefully considering all these elements – your needs, body shape, fabric preferences, underwear line requirements, comfort, suitability for activities and budget – will help guide you in choosing your perfect prowaist trainer. Selecting the right shapewear involves assessing a combination of factors from compression strength through to construction. By evaluating these key considerations, you can determine the best body shaper to discreetly sculpt your silhouette.